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JUST CKF – Hong Kong 2 Event Highlight

On March 16th 2018 JUST CKF came together in Wan Chai Southorn Stadium for a night of patriotic thrills. Featuring a line up of Hong Kong warriors of all levels - from JUST For Good Charity Fighters, Amateurs to international...

Top 3 Finishes of JUST CKF – Hong Kong 2

On Friday March 16th, fight fans gathered in the masses to support Hong Kong and the regions hungry young martial artists. it was an evening of multiple levels of entertainment, suspense and celebration. Here we look at the Top...

Fighters Relations a priority

JUST CKF - Hong Kong 2 took place on Friday March 16th and was a highly successful evening of competition. Much like other sports and physical challenges, injuries are inescapable. However it’s our duty as a promotion to ensure...

Charity Bout Training Commences for Fight Date March 16th

Coming into a new year is the perfect time to embark on an exciting challenge for a good cause. On January 8th, several daring and care working professionals begin their fully sponsored training for a chance to leave it...

JUST MMA Rolls Into The First Quarter With More For The Combat Community

In 2017, JUST MMA concluded the year of festivities with two back to back weekends of combat entertainment, JUST Challenge Macau (Nov 25th, 2017) and JUST Challenge - Hong Kong (Dec 1st, 2017) and gave the local crowd a...

鬧市中的氧氣 – VO2 Fitness & Martial Arts (三): 讓香港發展更綜合的綜合格鬥


鬧市中的氧氣-VO2 Fitness & Martial Arts (二): 讓運動員更純粹成為運動員


鬧市中的氧氣 – VO2 Fitness & Martial Arts (一):在現代都市尋找傳統的新路線

銅鑼灣,一個屬於香港島區極為繁盛的市區。就在這甚具傳統香港特色的電車軌與鵝頸橋的交界之下,VO2 Fitness & Martial Arts (VO2)卻為這個繁華的香港都市打造創新又像很原始的一條武術之路。

世紀之戰 — 綜合格鬥與拳擊的世代之爭

麥佳格與梅韋達的大戰即將於本周未舉行。 這場前所未有的跨平台之戰,吸引了各個層面的觀眾的目光聚焦。 我們並不打算討論兩者的技術高低以推算勝負,我們更想著眼的是: 在這場比拼背後, 綜合格鬥與拳擊這兩項當前最具市場價值的搏擊運動項目, 到底會帶來甚麼影響?

What are the most effective techniques in Martial Arts and how will they improve...

With so many styles of Martial Arts and so many principles to consider when practicing the arts, sometimes we occupy our minds with what is the most effective. But, is this way of thinking limiting our capacity as Martial...


JUST CKF – Hong Kong 2

Friday 16 March, 2018