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Match Ups Released: JUST Challenge – Macau

On Saturday 25th of November combat athletes and fight fans from around the world gather at Studio City Macau for JUST MMA: Just Challenge - Macau. The official match up break down here. The event kicks off with a performance...

JUST MMA Begins Training for Charity Bout at HK’s Oldest MMA Gym

As part of December 1st, JUST MMA: Just Challenge - Hong Kong, two MMA novices are trained up in an MMA intensive masterclass at Hong Kong's oldest Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym, Hong Kong Fight Club.  Hong Kong Fight Club, Gracie Barra affiliate...
3 Things to Consider when Selecting a Martial Arts Gym

3 Things to Consider When Starting Martial Arts

So you're starting Martial Arts - but where to begin? With so many variations and styles of Kung Fu alone, learning them all would be impractical as it would literally take up a whole lifetime! Keep it simple, do...