JUST For Good Fighters Reach Half Way Point and Selection Process


Since the beginning of January 2018, several untrained working professionals were inspired by last years bout between Jack “Nacho” Nielsen and Mark “Moondog” Mooney who readied themselves and raised money and awareness for charities of their choice.

At the beginning of the new year these 8 ambitious men began their intensive MMA training supported by Sensory Fight Club and VO2 Fitness and Martial Arts Centre. Now at the half way point the men will be put through the gauntlet as the selection process to fight at JUST MMA – Hong Kong 2 on March 16th at Southorn Stadium, Wan Chai.

We asked the men 3 simple questions: Where are you from? Where your roots in Martial Arts are? What charity will you be donating to? Their promo codes are also included – when purchasing a ticket to support this fighter, please insert their promo code via the ticket flap platform in order for their charities to get your support!

Meet the men and their causes:

Sam Fisher

Michael Compton

Gaines Holmes

Miguel Menendez

  • Spain
  • Wing Chun and Grappling
  • Love 21 Foundation , Supports the autistic and down syndrome community in Hong Kong by exposing them to healthy lifestyle and nutrition. http://www.simplygiving.com/justforgood
  • Promo code for Ticketflap: just_menendez

Fraser McPhie

Dylan Navadra

Mark Moondog

Tickets for JUST MMA – Hong Kong 2 are for sale via Ticketflap