Caged for a Cause – Charity Bout at JUST Challenge – Hong Kong


On December 1st 2017 JUST MMA hosts their inaugural Hong Kong event: JUST Challenge – Hong Kong at Southorn Stadium. Starting the JUST line up is charity fight between two heavy-weight rugby players. Get the low down here.

JUST MMA recruited and sponsored several experienced rugby players based in Hong Kong intensive training in Mixed Martial Arts. At the end of this training, the selected will put their newly accumulated skills to the test in their inaugural event at JUST Challenge- Hong Kong on Friday December 1st 2017.

We asked the selected, Jack Nielsen and Mark Mooney 4 simple questions: What and why this charity? Why MMA? Any words to your opponent? What can we expect? And here you go:

Jack Nielsen, AKA JJ “Nacho” Nielsen is Rugby Player for the Hong Kong Football Club. Father and personal trainer.

  1. Children’s Surgical Centre in Cambodia, I’ve raised money for them before and after my family and I visited there we realised they need our help.
  2.  MMA is uncomfortable… Hong Kong is the opposite. People need to have discomfort in their lives to grow, learn and appreciate how lucky we are to be here.
  3. Wear two headgears & Two Mouthguard!
  4. Expect to see e ‘ground and pound’ Moondog into submission in the 3rd round #MysticNach

You can donate money to JJ “Nacho” Nielsen’s cause directly through this link (…/jj-nielsen/JUSTMMA-CSC) or contact us directly for tickets.

Mark Mooney, AKA Mark “Moondog Mooney, once deployed in Iraq with the British Arm is now a teacher and plays rugby for Hong Kong Valley.1. The Big C. It’s a cancer charity that provides valuable information about diagnosis, treatments, side effects and recovery and they also provide emotional help, support and complimentary therapies.

I chose this charity because why supported my wife when she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at just 27 years old. They helped her come to terms with the disease and offered her support classes and wigs when she lost her hair due to chemotherapy.

2. I think MMA and other combat sports provides a fantastic. balance of mental and physical training. Training is hard, but it produces camaraderie and respect amongst fighters and training partners alike that is not present in a lot of other sports

3. Learn how to defend the “Boston Crab”

4. Expect a heavyweight brawl with a tsunami of kicks, punches and deadly submission attempts!

Support Mark’s Charity through 

Tickets for JUST Challenge – Hong Kong are still available from HKTICKETING. Tickets available on the door.