JUST Challenge – Macau Top 3 Highlights


On November 25th, JUST MMA launched their brand at JUST Challenge – Macau Presented by Macau-Slot. If you missed the show we will tell you what you ought to know.

An evening of total combative entertainment kicked off at 8pm at Studio City Macau. Presented by Macau-slot, the first JUST-Macauslot Belt Series began for the Mens Flyweight and the Women’s Straw-weight divisions.

  1. Fight #5: Agustin Delarmino Jr vs Bak Taeho.
    The final bout of the JUST-Macauslot Flyweight Series. Judging by their records, statistics indicated a miss-match. However this all-out brawl was far from it. Delarmino representing Warrior Macau and a familiar face to the Macanese MMA scene, he has a knock-out specialist reputation. Bak Taeho, sporting a 10th planet Jiu-jitsu hoodie also has a coherent stand up background.Throughout the first round, Delarmino would lure and taunt Bak into his range and launch powerful shots that landed on the chin of Bak. Despite the flurry and frequency of Delarminos fists, Bak carried on coming forward albeit a bit wobbly but less wobbly than anticipated given the power of Delarmino. Some time out given in the round to clean up deep cuts on their faces. 

    In the second round, both men looked heavier and more tired. Delarmino dived in for a take down to which Bak responded happily given his No-Gi 10th Planet background. Delarmino found his way to his feet for yet another stand up exchange. As both men fought through the rounds, Bak Taeho eventually found himself on top of Delarmino to finish in a Guillotine Choke Submission. Both men covered in blood and gracious in victory and also in defeat.

  2. Fight #4: Charlyn Intagay vs Si Man Un.
    Another fight on the JUST-Macauslot Straw-weight Series. Macanese fighter, Si Man Un has a strong following in Macau. Representing Macau BJJ this much anticipated bout was between Sambo Champion and National Judo Champion.Si Man had prepared in her camp to improve on her striking. As the first round began, Intagay came forward with solid head movement, ready to scrap. Si Man was patient and took the opportunity to exchange strikes. Once she found her range immediately shot in for a Judo trip. Intagay instinctively defended a series of submission attempts as Si Man flowed between taking the back for a rear naked choke to a triangle attempt and eventually locked in her favourite: Arm Bar Submission.
    The Macanese fans and crowd were roaring as Si Man Un now goes forward to compete for the Straw-weight JUST-Macuaslot Belt in Guangzhou 2018.
  3. Fight #1: Maria Anna Javiligon vs Soyul Kim
    JUST-Macauslot Straw-weigh Series kicked off the night of entertainment with a match up between Philippines and Korea. Javiligon sported a more developed record whereas Kim was entering the cage as 1-0. Nevertheless her 5-0 kickboxing record was evident as she proceeded to finish her opponent with a beautiful head kick causing Javiligon to drop to the floor with a nose bleed. Kim glided onto her opponents back and finishes Javiligon with a Rear Naked Choke.Soyul Kim will go on to fight Si Man Un at JUST Challenge – Guangzhou 2018.