JUST Vietnam – Event Cancelled


It is with our deepest regret to announce the cancellation of the JUST Vietnam event in June.

Since our indication of hosting a MMA event in Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh) back in June 2018, we have received enormous interest from the Asian MMA community.  Various promoters in Asia, including CKF of China and Grachan of Japan, has been very supportive and agreed to send fighters to participate in this exciting event.

We have also received tremendous support by the local community, and with their great effort, we were able to obtain an approval from the Vietnam Sports Authority to host a “semi-MMA” event in June 2019.   Since MMA is not an approved combat competition format in Vietnam, the authority has allowed some fights to be competed under adaptive MMA rules.  The majority of the fights will still be carried out in traditional format, like Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Grappling…etc.

However, the number of fights under adaptive rules, and our flexibility in adopting these rules have further been restricted since the approval was given.  We believe the new restriction would not allow the event to offer our spectators the exciting experience of MMA, and our fighters to demonstrate their true ability as an MMA fighter. And this would not have fulfilled JUST MMA’s commitment to bring professional MMA events to our fans, and fellow promoters and fighters.

We remain committed and truly enthusiastic about Vietnam, and we will continue to work with the local authority and community to deliver a meaningful MMA event in the near future.

Again, we like to thank all our supporters and partners, and we look forward to seeing you all at our next MMA event in Hong Kong in November 2019.