xMixed Martial Arts is a fascinating sport and we are all attracted by the excitement, endurance and exceptional performances witnessed within the cage. JUST MMA is here to provide a professional and unprejudiced competition platform for those who like to compete, as well as those who enjoy the fierce competition. Our management team made up of Tony, Lok, and Andrew will continue to bring you the best MMA events as we have done in the past few years. We would like to thank the local community for your support as our transition would not have been so smooth without you. Join us for MORE Mixed Martial Arts. Just you, Just us – JUST MMA.


JUST MMA Hong Kong 4

星期六 9 十一月, 2019

JUST尊武综合格斗 – 香港站3:幕后花絮

在9月7日于香港湾仔修顿场馆举行的「JUST尊武综合格斗 - 香港站3」为观众们带来了一整晚的精彩综合格斗赛事。除了精彩的赛事外,现在就让我们看看一些当晚于格斗笼外的幕后花絮。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlWvbEoJHTk

JUST For Good 3 Fighters: Enoch Chan & Lawrence Li

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Fighter: Italo “Cameleo” Freiitas & his quest for the JUST Macauslot Belt

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JUST Fighter: Sasha Palatnikov

After living in the United States and training along side high level fighters at The Blackzilians, Palatnikov returned to his Home-town and puts on...