xMixed Martial Arts is a fascinating sport and we are all attracted by the excitement, endurance and exceptional performances witnessed within the cage. JUST MMA is here to provide a professional and unprejudiced competition platform for those who like to compete, as well as those who enjoy the fierce competition. Our management team made up of Tony, Lok, and Andrew will continue to bring you the best MMA events as we have done in the past few years. We would like to thank the local community for your support as our transition would not have been so smooth without you. Join us for MORE Mixed Martial Arts. Just you, Just us – JUST MMA.



JUST尊武綜合格鬥 – 香港站 3 – 第十二場賽事介紹

在「JUST尊武綜合格鬥 - 香港站 3」,曹政與楊景皓將會在香港的觀眾面前帶來一場不容錯過的對壘。擁有6勝1負的傑出戰績,中國新星曹政雖然在上場JUST CKF廣州站中以分數落敗,但其硬朗和多變的打法依然令人眼前一亮。迎戰這位中國新星的將會是香港拳手楊景皓。在云云香港本地綜合格鬥選手中經驗最豐富的一位,楊景皓中在近年努力磨練地戰技巧,讓他不論在站立打擊或是寢技搏鬥方面都同樣充滿攻擊性。曹政和楊景皓這場羽量級對決絕對是香港拳迷必須留意的一場賽事﹗ 觀眾可在下午6時入場,慈善賽及副賽將於下午6點45分開始,主賽會由晚上9時開始。票價分別為港幣$280元、$480及和$980元的門票現已在Ticketflap上有售,網址為 https://www.ticketflap.com/justmmahk3。 有關「JUST尊武綜合格鬥 – 香港站 – 3」的最新消息,請到追﹕https://www.facebook.com/JUSTMMA.hk/! 如有任何查詢,請發送郵件至 info@just-mma.com *選手出賽陣容和座位安排如有更改,恕不另行通知﹔ **場地擁有少量輪椅座位,購票或查詢請發電郵件至 info@just-mma.com

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