JUST MMA Announcement


We are sad to announce the postponement of the JUST MMA event on 13 March 2020 due to the epidemic currently affecting the region.   It is a big disappointment to us, the fighters who have been training very hard and to our associates who have been working tirelessly in organizing this event.  We have tried to push the event forward as much as we possibly can.  However, the situation has been deteriorating rapidly in the past week.  With venue continues to extend their closing period, training facilities not made available to some local fighters, spectators and event helpers’ growing concern in large scale social event, and the escalation of travel restriction by Hong Kong and regional countries, we have decided to make a sensible decision to postpone the event.  It would be irresponsible for us to risk cancelling the event at the last minute, or jeopardizing the safety of all the fighters, spectators, and helpers.


Tentatively, we will arrange to host an event before the summer, and will announce the date as soon as practicable.


Thank to all our supporters and we wish everyone good health !