Fundamental Self-Defence Course

Fundamental Self-Defence Course – 4 sessions

Enrolment Form: Here

What you will learn: Practical MMA techniques to protect yourself in difficult situations. 

Coach: Donald Tong/Andy Tang

Cost:  $1,600 per person for 4 sessions. $1,200 per person if you join with one or more friends

Location:  JUST Studio – Room 303, 3/F Sing Shun Centre, 495 Castle Peak Road. 2min walk from Lai Chi Kok MTR Station Exit C


  • Monday and Thursday 8-9:30pm
  • Class JD1 ( June 7, 10, 14, 17)
  • Class JD2 ( June 21, 24, 28, July 1)

Course Content:

1st Session – Standing, Blocking, & Striking

  • Awareness and Avoidance to the hazardous situation and hostile environments.
  • Basic Standing Posture and Blocking Techniques.
  • Basic Striking Techniques, including punches, elbow strikes, and kicks.

 2nd Session – Clinching and Take -Down Defence Techniques 

  • Break grips.
  • Dis-engage from Clinching position.
  • Ground Landing protection (Breakfalls & Technical Stand-Up).
  • Basic Take-Down & Defence movements.

3rd Session – Ground Fight Defence 

  • Introduction of dominant positions with reference to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Side-Control/Top Mount/Back Control).
  • Basic Ground & Pound and Protection techniques.
  • Escape from Mounted and Controlled positions.

4th Session – Reviews of Integrated Techniques  

  • Basic Sparing session to simulate real life situations.
  • One-to-one technique review.
  • Certificate for Course Completion.