xMixed Martial Arts is a fascinating sport and we are all attracted by the excitement, endurance and exceptional performances witnessed within the cage. JUST MMA is here to provide a professional and unprejudiced competition platform for those who like to compete, as well as those who enjoy the fierce competition. Our management team will continue to bring you the best MMA events as we have done in the past few years. We would like to thank the local community for your support as our transition would not have been so smooth without you. Join us for MORE Mixed Martial Arts. Just you, Just us – JUST MMA.

萬勿錯過「JUST尊武綜合格鬥 – 香港站4」﹗

香港最刺激精彩的綜合格鬥賽事「JUST尊武綜合格鬥」將會在2019年11月9日於灣仔修頓場館強勢回歸,為大家帶來「JUST尊武綜合格鬥 – 香港站 4」!這將會是JUST尊武綜合格鬥舉辦的第六個賽事,而香港一眾頂尖的綜合格鬥好手將會於香港觀眾面前一較高下。 萬勿錯過在11月9日到灣仔修頓體育館親身支持您最喜愛的拳手的機會!門票現已在Ticketflap上有售,網址為: https://www.ticketflap.com/justmmahk4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwXDH8SlIQk

JUST尊武綜合格鬥 – 香港站3: 幕後花絮

在9月7日於香港灣仔修頓場館舉行的「JUST尊武綜合格鬥 - 香港站3」為觀眾們帶來了一整晚的精彩綜合格鬥賽事。除了精彩的賽事外,現在就讓我們看看一些當晚於格鬥籠外的幕後花絮。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlWvbEoJHTk