JUST Challenge – Hong Kong Top 3 Fight Picks


On December 1st, JUST MMA held their inaugural Hong Kong event at JUST Challenge – Hong Kong at Southorn Stadium, Wan Chai. Broadcast live on NowTV, you can find fight replays on NowTV on Demand and repeats on Ch. 631.

A line up that featured purely Hong Kong locals and residents from around the world, JUST Challenge – Hong Kong was an international display of Hong Kong’s combat talent pool. Our selection is based on a multitude of factors. Top Fight Pick of the Night goes to:

  1. Roberto Medalla (HK) VS Jomar Manlangit (PH)
    An anticipated bout for fans of either men. Both men had met earlier on in their careers and carry around the only draw on their records from each other. After going all 3 rounds previously, both men were looking for finishes.

    The men exchanged strikes, Manalangit appearing to be the more tactful striker but Medalla threatening powerful counters. A few shots exchanged, Medalla stumbles, Manlangit pressures and both men go to the ground, Manlangit finding himself in a guillotine.

    Medalla, unable to finish uses the cage to return to standing and receives multiple knees to the head. A questionable occurrence based on the new unified rules but the referee let the fight continue. Medalla finds his way to his feet, and immediately goes for a double leg switching positions to find Manlangit on the bottom.

    Manlangit pressured against the cage with Medalla in his closed guard, Manlangit staying active throwing elbows from the bottom whilst maintaining a strong closed guard. Medalla attempts to maul him but Manlangit kept a strong hold until letting a flurry of elbows past his defence resulting in a referee stoppage due to strikes, TKO.
  2. Tony Chu (HK) VS Zhang Guang Tong (CH)
    Tony Chu is one of Hong Kong’s Muay Thai and combat veterans. Looking to redeem himself this match up could have gone either way. Never the less Chu found himself backed up by Zhang where they exchanged strikes in the pocket. Zhang lands a beautiful left hook, instantly crumpling Tony forward for a clean Knock Out.
  3. Leandro Rodrigues (BR) VS Insu Kim (KR)
    This match up was one of most looked forward to. Insu Kim, training along side UFC Stars Doo-ho Choi and Chun Sung Jung is Koreas most promising talents in international MMA. Paired with one of Hong Kong’s most active MMA Athletes, a fight between veteran and young gun.

    The men started in exchanging strikes with Rodrigues attempting to clinch with Kim. With distance, Kim throws high snap kicks, missing a few but exchanging hand strikes.  Kim continues to land most kicks but Rodrigues seems entertained more than hurt.

    Rodrigues sinks his teeth into Kim and demonstrates his high level striking capabilities and finishes true to his Black Belt in Jiu-jitsu and manages to take Kim down and fight his scramble to transition to take the back. Finishing with a Rear Naked Choke in the second round.

Fights available on Repeat on NowTV On Demand or Ch 631.