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Operated by JUST Management Limited, JUST MMA is a platform for athletes and fans alike to have access to exhilarating events and competition featuring upcoming and acclaimed fighters. JUST MMA is dedicated to growing the culture behind MMA and create an environment where our community can thrive. Amateur feeder programmes, semi-pro undercard, Sponsor’s Mini Fight Series and Major Events are in place to create a safe, structured yet competitive system that offers the greatest challenge to all athletes.

JUST MMA is founded in Hong Kong and work often with partners in the Great Bay Area.  We operate with the prevailing fundamental value behind Mixed Martial Arts: Respect.

JUST MMA is the hub for athletes driven by passion, an advocate of respect, committed to greatness and won’t let anybody stand in their way of their pursuit.

Chairman – Andrew Chan

Andrew has more than 30 years of finance and real estate experience in Asia Pacific.  He is currently the CIO of a real estate Investmnet company and the Chairman of a Singapore listed company engaged in Data Centre Operation.

Andrew is also the founding President of the Hong Kong MMA Federation, a national federation member of the MMA world governing body “IMMAF” – The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation.

CEO – Abel Tang

Abel has more than 25 years of IT and Finance experience with top Asian and American banks. He is currently the Vice-President of a tech company engaging in the development of AI and Robotics application on the food industry.

Abel has practiced combat sports for many years and his passion for MMA is well known within the community.

Founding Member – Tony Au

Tony has more years 25 years experience in Financial Engineering and has been a Venture Capitalist for over 15 years.

Tony owns a handful of companies in tech and media industry. For JUST MMA Tony focuses in nurturing fighters with talents.

Tony graduated from Imperial College of Science and Technology and holds 4 degrees namely BEng, MSc, ACGI and DIC.