JUST Cage Grappling Official Rules

(Aug 3, 2021)

1. The Bout

1.1 The Bout will take place inside an MMA cage, and allows competitors to utilize the use of cage for maneuvers and positioning, including takedown attempts, escapes and controls with aim to submit the opponent. However, grabbing the fence is deemed illegal.

1.2 Amateur MMA Submission rules applied (see details below)

1.3 All takedowns, throws, and trips are legal, with the exception of moves that spikes the opponent’s head to the ground.

1.4 Slams are allowed during takedowns and submission escapes, if one cannot continue after the slam, the match will be ruled as Stoppage (TKO).

1.5 Winner will be determined by Submission, Stoppage, Disqualification, Points, or Referee Decision (in case of a draw of points).

1.6 Bout Duration:  2 Rounds, 5 minutes per round, with 1 minute rest in between rounds; If there is a Draw after 2 Rounds, a 3 minute Overtime (OT) will be allowed to determine the winner. If after OT a draw is still the decision, then the Referee will decide the winner.

1.7 The definition of submission will ruled by the referee as following:

  • a. Physical Tap Out due to submission or injury (at least two rapid taps on the opponent or mat)
  • b. Verbal Tap Out due to submission (voluntary or involuntary scream out of pain)
  • c. Technical Submission (Referee Stops contest) due to loss of consciousness or injury, and unable to continue with the bout. The Referee can also stops the bout if the Referee feels one competitor is unable to defend or in risk of injury.

2. Fouls & Illegal Techniques

2.1 The following acts are NOT ALLOWED:

  • a. Strikes of any kind;
  • b. Head butts;
  • c. Biting;
  • d. Touch Groin Area;
  • e. Eye gouging of any kind (including Fingers, Thumb, Chin, Elbows);
  • f. Fish hooking;
  • g. Insertion of digits (fingers, toes) into any orifice (including cuts);
  • h. Small joint manipulation (must grab at least 3 fingers or toes);
  • i. Hair Pulling;
  • j. Grabbing/holding/pulling opponent’s apparel;
  • k. Pinching/twisting opponent’s flesh;
  • l. Timidity (failure to engage, running away, stalling);
  • m. Flagrantly or passively disregarding the instructions of the referee;
  • n. Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind;
  • o. No spiking the head of opponent to the mat;
  • p. Slippery substances on hair, body or apparel;
  • q. Grabbing the fence at any time

2.2 Amateur MMA Submission rules also applied, so that the following are NOT ALLOWED:

  • a. No twisting leg attacks such as heel hooks;
  • b. No Spinal attacks such as neck cranks, twisters

2.3 Depending of the severity of the fouls, the Referee has the choice to:

  • Give warning to the fouling competitor;
  • 1 point deduction to the fouling competitor; or
  • Disqualify the fouling competitor, which results in a disqualification loss.

3. JUST Cage Grappling Scoring Criteria

3.1 The judge is encouraged to always look upon the competitor that is more aggressive in attacking more favorable than the competitor that is in defensive.

3.2 The matches will be scored per Round. Scoring will be based on Effective Grappling including:

  • Effective takedowns;
  • Submission attempts;
  • Aggressiveness;
  • Escalating positional control on both Standing and on the Ground;
  • Effective counter attacks and dynamic escapes
  • Use of the cage;
  • Cage control

3.3 The following action will be deemed as disadvantage in the judges/referee’s overall decision:

  • 1) Stalling and Passivity – Constantly moving backwards, being overly defensive and unwilling to take risks, or lack of engagement in standing position and no takedown attempts or any tactics that slow down the action will be see as Stalling. In case of Stalling, the Referee with give verbal instructions to increase action or engagement. If after a 1st instruction is not satisfactory, the Referee will call a stop to the match, instruct both players to disengage or stand up, and the match will resume from standing position again.
  • 2) Guard Pulling – Action will be seen as an disadvantage if the competitor pulled guard more than two times per round; If a competitor decides to sit down without engaging his opponent, the standing player will have the option of: i) Actively engaging the grounded opponent; or ii) step away, in which case the Referee will ask the seated competitor to stand and continue on their feet.
  • 3) Fouls and Unsportsmanlike Behavior – Such acts will result in the i) Warning; ii) Point deduction; or iii) Disqualification. In case of a draw on point in OT round, such act will be deemed as disadvantage in the Referee’s overall decision.

4. Apparel & Equipment

4.1 All  athletes  must  wear  Grappling/MMA  shorts  or  compression  shorts,  which  means,  no  zip,  pocket and other additional attachments will be permitted in the competition area. 

4.2 Rashguards will be mandatory. The use of material should be stretchable and tight-fitting, only  short-sleeve rashguards are permitted.

4.3 Groin protector is optional. (No metal Muay Thai groin protector allowed)

4.4 All athletes are required to wear mouthpiece. 

4.5 No slippery substance, lotions, cream or gel is permitted on any part of the body including hair.

4.6 Reasonable amount of taping is allowed on wrist, fingers, toes and as long as it does not create a club of the limb per referee’s discretion.

4.7 Footwear and socks are not allowed.

5. Weigh-in

5.1 Weight class will be the same as MMA, athletes must choose a weight class upon registration for any competition. Each athlete will be given 0.5kg of weight allowance. [Not applicable to catchweight or matches with specific weight assigned]

5.2 If an athlete weighs no more than 3kg over the upper limit, the opponent may choose whether to accept the fight or not. 

5.3 Weigh-in will be conducted on the day of the competition before the rules briefing, athlete who shows up late to their weigh-in will be disqualified. 

5.4 Athlete will require to weigh-in with their rash guards and fight shorts on.

6. Medical Requirement

6.1 Participant will have to ensure they are in proper physical condition to participate in combat sports, and they are not a carrier of HIV, Hepatitis B/C or any other form infectious disease.

6.2 Participant will also have to submit Covid-19 test results (within 7 days prior the event) before the competition.