JUST For Good Fight Finalists – Match Ups Released


After a gruelling 2 months, the participants of JUST For Good Intensive MMA programme have been shortlisted and matched up and ready for their final battle at JUST MMA – Hong Kong 2.

Heavy-weight fighters Mark “Moondog” Mooney will square off against Sam Fisher. Both weighing in at 100kg, both men have been devoted to their causes and demonstrate great heart in their training.

Mooney, the more familiar with the cage, is a former UK Military, once serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. After supporting his wife through Cancer, of which she is healthy now, Mooney is raising awareness and donations for his charity: The Big C. If you’d like to donate to his cause, simply purchase a ticket using the code just_mooney upon making your purchase or donate to Mark directly (http:// www.Justgiving.com/moondogsmma).

Sam Fisher, once a frequent boxer in his youth has returned to the combat setting raising money for dysfunctional families with The Changing Young Lives foundation in Hong Kong. Use the code just_fisher upon making your purchase or donate to Sam Directly (https://www.charitablechoice.org.hk/campaigns/just-for-good-charity-mma-fight-5d93e3)

The second fight of the night and of the JUST for Good programme will be a catchweight between Michael Compton and Fraser McPhie.

Fraser McPhie, a scotsman with an explosive style. Having grown up trained in Karate and recently resiting boxing, McPhie will be raising awareness and donations for a Venezuelan charity. His wife is from Venezuela and after seeing what their people went through during times of crisis, McPhie believes that every little counts and donates to this charity that aids with medical supplies, food and other services. Use the code just_mcphie upon purchasing a ticket or donate directly via https://gogetfunding.com/come-give-a-hand-for-medical-supplies/

His opponent is the younger Michael Compton of England. A practitioner of Wing Chun for 5 years yet has been out of practice for a year, picked up Brazilian jiu-jitsu a few months ago. Looking for new ways to challenge himself whilst giving back to Cancer Research UK. Use the code just_compton or donate directly via (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/michael-compton5)