FINAL LINEUP: JUST Challenge – Macau


On Saturday 25th of November combat athletes and fight fans from around the world gather at Studio City Macau for JUST MMA: Just Challenge – Macau. 

The event kicks off with a performance and dives straight into back to back JUST-Macauslot Series. Two 4-man tournaments for the Men’s Flyweight and Women’s Strawweight Divisions. The winners of both bouts will move forward to fight for the JUST-Macauslot Title Belt at JUST Challenge – Guangzhou at the end of March 2018.

JUST Challenge – Macau Fight Card

Bout #1, JUST-Macauslot Women’s Strawweight Tournament
Maria Anne Javilagon (PH) vs So Yul Kim (KR)

Whilst Javilagon is packaged as a studious lady from the Philippines she has been training for almost a decade. Trained in Boxing, the Philippines is known for producing some of the world’s best and unique fighters. Her opponent – Kim is known in Korea as their “Sweetheart”. So Yul Kim balances this reputation out with being a highly skilled kick-boxer. Kim will be putting her hard work in training to a test against the more experienced athlete at the beginning of her MMA Journey.

Bout #2, JUST-Macauslot Men’s Flyweight Tournament Round 1
Leandro Luiz Da Silva (BR) vs Anton Larsson (SE)

From the coast of Brazil,  Da Silva is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt currently living and working in Shenzhen. Teaching and training out of Invincible gym in China, Da Silva has a great support and a sea of tools on the ground. Born in Thailand and raised in the North of Sweden, Anton Larsson became a fan of MMA a young age, started his training in Hapkido at 12 years old. Obsessed in expanding his arsenal within Mixed Martial Arts, Larsson made his MMA debut in 2015, and despite his recent loss due to submission, he is looking to get his next win in the cage against a well decorated grappler in Da Silva. This match will be a battle between styles of Muay Thai against Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Bout #3, JUST-Macauslot Women’s Strawweight Tournament Round 1
Si Man Un (MO) vs Charlyn Intagay (PH)

One of the few professional Macanese fighters, Un has dedicated her life to Martial Arts. Her original trade is a Graphic Designer and uses this to support her passions and assist in several associations in Macau through her gym and work place, Macau BJJ. Humble and soft spoken, she is unphased over her title as Judo National Champion and Blackbelt. Opposing Un is Intagay. Packed with power in her punches, Charlyn Intagay is known to load up and come forward in her pursuit to victory.

Bout #4, JUST-Macauslot Men’s Flyweight Tournament Round 1
Augustin Delarmino Jr. (MO) vs Bak Tae Ho (KR)

Lived in Macau over the last several years, Delarmino has been competing in MMA alone for up to 5 years. A trainer at Warrior Gym in Macau, Delarmino is one of the most prominent MMA figures in Macau. While well known for his knock out power, Augustin is also proved to be durable and guarantees to bring out a good fight. A young Korean with a colourful amateur record, Park Tae Ho is a Tae Kwon Do Blackbelt with lighting fast kicking style, and has been one of the most talked about up and comers in Korea.

Bout #5, Featherweight
Rufino Mante (PH)  vs Lee Sung Jong (KR)

Notorious for his ferocious leg kicks and aggressive Muay Thai, Rufino Mante returns to the cage with the intention to dominate his opponent whether the odds be in his favour or against him. His Opponent, Lee Sung Jong, is the 10th Planet Seoul Nawa Champion who recently made his Pro Debut earlier this year in Hong Kong. An incredible wrestler and leglock artist, Lee Sung Jong captured his previous victory by leg lock submission but this time he hopes to show his strength in his striking against Mante.

Bout #6, Light Heavyweight
Konstantin Merkulov (KZ) vs Marcelo Tenorio (BR)

Tenorio has been on the Asian MMA scene for several years and fought in Hong Kong and Thailand on multiple occasions. A brown belt in Jiu-jitsu and a fearful specimen, Tenorio is guaranteed to give anybody into the cage with him a hard time. Merkulov stepped in to save the bout. Raised by a single mother and now a father to a two year old daughter, Merkulov has won multiple national and regional competitions and even boasted champion status for the Junior and Adult Divisons at 18 years old. 

Bout #7, Welterweight
Dylan Fussel (US) vs Lee Yong Jae (KR)

An well known face on the Asian MMA circuit, Darren Fussel boasts 12 wins from Thailand, Philippines and world famous promotions in America. Living in Chang Mai  and training at Quest Gym along-side teammate Larsson, he gains direct exposure to next level Muay Thai Athletes together with his wrestling to form a lethal combination. Lee Yong Jae also sports an equally as destructive combination. Once on the national Wrestling and Boxing Team of Korea, Lee has had a volatile career. A match between the two for sure will bring the audience some teeth grinding action.

Tickets for JUST Challenge – Macau presented by Macauslot are available at $1500 through Studio City or through a fighter or JUST MMA Representative. Please email .

The Finalists from the JUST-Macauslot Series will be fighting again to be crowned the JUST-Macauslot Champions at JUST Challenge – Guangzhou in March 2018.