Fighter: Italo “Cameleo” Freiitas & his quest for the JUST Macauslot Belt


Young Italo Freiitas gained the reputation “Cameleo” from his home town in Brazil for being a diverse and versatile fighter. Flying across the globe to pursue his dream to be a world champion, he has his eyes set on the JUST Macauslot Belt. After his unexpected victory against an opponent 4kg overweight, Italo talks to JUST about being ready for anything. 

1- Congrats on your last victory! how was the lead up into the fight for you? 
My training is very good, I trained a bit of everything – kickboxing, Wrestling, BJJ. My team Espada and our leader Rodrigo Caporal puts a huge importance on the diversity of training. They are always by my side motivating me and making sure I always improve.

2- What did you know about Du Man and how did that effect the way you prepared for this fight?
 I knew that he was going to try and take me down and put on the pressure, the same he do in the other fights, but i was prepared for this situation.

3- Was this the kind of finish you expected? How did you work your way into this submission?
 The submission is exactly what i trained everyday. he tried to take my back but i was able to defend and put him in a position advantageous to me (half guard), then I worked a little but of elbows, was able to mount, got in a few punches, but he was able to turn his back towards me. This is where i used all my force to finish the fight.

4- Now you have beaten Du Man with the odds against you. With a flyweight upcoming belt on the line, what can we expect from you in the future?
I don’t know what is going to happen in the future, because God decides the future, but I intend to become the flyweight champion and stay that way for a long time.

5-You saw Bak Taeho’s last fight before this event?
 Yes I saw the fight! He is a good striker, i too have my striking, but i understand he was not strong on the ground and this is where i like to work.

6- Why do you deserve a title shot?
 I came to hong kong with goals and i intend to accomplish them all. One if these goals is to be the best in Asia and become a champion of JUST MMA.

7- For your entry you put on a show and showcased some dance moves? Is this normal?
 In truth I never enter the cage dancing, this happened one time. I was inspired by my training partner Fabricio Andrade, and now I am going to always dance when I enter the cage because it helps me relax, same the way when you go to the amusement park (haha).

I knew that he was going to try and take me down and put on the pressure, the same he do in the other fights, but I was prepared for this situation.


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