JUST Fighter: Bernard Fung


Hong Kong’s Bernard Fung chats with us on what inspired him to get into Mixed Martial Arts 

1. What.got you into mma?
Bruce Lee. I think he’s the reason a lot of people go on this journey. His philosophy shows us how to tie mind, body and spirit through any medium.

2. Which fighters do you look up to and why?
I used to watch a lot of old school k1. I started off watching Andy Hug because he was a kyukushin fighter and he displayed a strong resilient spirit. However his style was heavily reliant on kicks so I moved on to watching Ernesto Hoost. His combinations and body mechanics were a work of art making. He’s a good cerebral fighter to watch. And new school k1 I watch Gökhan Saki, Tyrone Spong, Marat Grigorian and Giorgio Petrosyan to name a few.

My two favorite MMA fighters are Dominick Cruz and T.J Dillashaw. Their movement and anticipation is something I hope to achieve.

3. What is your favourite discipline and why?
I grew up with karate so I suppose that. However bring a big Bruce Lee fan boy I don’t favor any one particular style. I just take what works for me and what doesn’t. The discipline is constant no bullshit: self evaluation and evolution.

4. How does Karate translate to MMA?
Karate has great footwork for distance control.  Plus the demand in dexterity opens up a lot more options in kicks especially.
Lastly if you came from a Kyukushin background, your body will have gone through some level of hell to forge it into the weapon you are today. In doing so it also builds a “never give up” mindset.

5. Going into JUST CKF – Hong Kong 2, how did you prepare?
By Just MMA 2 I’ve been through enough camps to know how much and how hard I need to train.

6. You also fight internationally, how does it compare fighting home and away?
I’ve fought in places with attendances of around 2 to 3 thousand so the energy is massive compared to HK. But even tho the crowd’s smaller here it’s way more special for me.

7. You may not have got the w this time. What will be the next adjustment for you?
Each fight is a lesson for me. Win or Loose. This time the lesson was to trust my gut. Sometimes you gotta make adjustments in a split second that doesn’t make sense in the moment like “actually you don’t have to follow the game plan and just go with the flow”

8. The next JUST is in September. Is this something youl be working towards?
Most definitely.

9. What do you do in between fights – when you’re off season
I love food. That’s all you need to know.

Below, Bernard explains a valuable combination and angle variations for Jab to Low Kick.